Connect The Dots

Dec 15

ThinkKit 2013.15 Pen & Pencil Time. Handwrite a tweet.

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Nacho Mama!

Dec 13

ThinkKit 2013.13 LOL-Worthy. When did you laugh out loud this year? One of the best parts of being a parent is getting to hear all the same jokes that I told as a kid when my own learn them at school (i.e. “spell I CUP”). Our oldest hit middle school this year, which brought with it the “Yo Mama” jokes. Most I had heard before, but this one...

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Charting My Year On Instagram

Dec 11

ThinkKit 2013:11 Visualize your year.   In 2013, I posted 325 photos to Instagram.  Here are the results: 44 pictures of food or coffee 20 pictures of beer 77 pictures of kids/people 34 pictures of quotes/signs 10 pictures from concerts 59 pictures from events/places 81 pictures of Random Awesomeness   For comparison, HERE is my year on Instagram in...

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Football Surprise

Dec 09

ThinkKit 2013.099 What completely surprised you this year?   This was not a sudden surprise, but rather one that has slowly crept up on me. I am more and more surprised each weekend that I would rather do this: Than this:   Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy football and am still a big Colts fan. However, if I end up reading the recap in the paper on...

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New Tunes

Dec 08

ThinkKit 2013.08 Lifeline: What band(s) did you discover this year?   I always love a good excuse to browse through my Spotify playlists. Here are some of the bands and singers that I discovered/rediscovered over the last year. No insightful explanations, but I’ve added links to one of my favorite songs from each: Free Energy: Electric Fever Rhett Walker...

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Stop It Elf, Just Stop It!

Dec 07

ThinkKit 2013.07 I want my Social Media to look Elf-The-Shelf-Less. The only mischief this elf is causing is through social media. I’m not even sure when he started wreaking havoc in homes and Pinterest boards across the country, but have you actually read the book? “At holiday time Santa sends me to you. I watch and report on all that you do. My...

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A 5 Minute Post On Getting Involved

Dec 06

ThinkKit 2013.06 How do you want to get involved in your community this year?   I officially joined the Dreamapolis team back in September to help organize their monthly PitchFeast events. One of the nation’s first crowd funding micro-grant dinners for local entrepreneurs. I can’t wait to help the PitchFeast model continue to grow in 2014 so we can...

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