Where do you people watch?

people watch

“I like people-watching and fading into crowds.” Kristen Johnston

At TEDx Indianapolis 2014, visitors to the Analog Lounge were asked to write down the best places in Indianapolis to people watch. Where are your favorite places for the sport of people-watching? These answers give you several to check out.

The best place in Indianapolis to people watch is…

at Sporting Events

  • Indianapolis 500
  • Indiana Pacers games
  • Indianapolis Colts games
  • Indy Eleven games
  • Indianapolis Indians games
  • Circle City Classic

at Annual Events

  • Irvington Halloween Festival
  • Indiana Black Expo
  • TEDx Indianapolis
  • The Indiana State Fair
  • Gay Pride festivities

at Special Events

  • First Fridays
  • Weddings on Monument Circle

in Neighborhood Places

  • Mass Ave.
  • The corner of Michigan and Senate
  • The bus stop
  • East 10th Street
  • My front porch

in Coffee Shops and Restaurants

  • Tin Comet Coffee
  • Bub’s Burger’s on the Monon (Carmel)

in Bars and Nightclubs

  • Talbott Street
  • Chatterbox Jazz Club
  • Chumley’s (Broad Ripple)

in City Places

  • City-County Building
  • Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (Hilbert Circle Theatre)
  • IUPUI Campus Center

at Outdoor Attractions

  • 100 Acres Park (Indianapolis Museum of Art)
  • Monument Circle
  • Canal Walk
  • Monon Trail
  • B-Line Trail (Bloomington)

in Creepy Places

  • Their closet…


“I’ve learned people are watching, so don’t do nothing stupid.” Bruno Mars



How do you pause?

I pause by

“Learn to pause… Or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you.” Doug King

At TEDx Indianapolis 2014, visitors to the Analog Lounge were asked how they “pause”. Their answers reveal some great lessons on how to hit the Pause Button in our own lives:

I Pause By…


  • Walking in the woods
  • Walking my dog
  • Going on a walk by myself
  • Taking a walk in the park


  • Driving nowhere
  • Taking a long drive with the windows down
  • Singing loudly in my car

Enjoying Nature

  • Quiet time in nature
  • Standing in my garden
  • Hiking
  • Bootcamping
  • Going rock climbing
  • Sitting under trees


  • Writing in my diary
  • Journaling
  • Practicing my creative writing

Taking Intentional Actions

  • Turning off my phone
  • Reminding myself to live in the moment
  • Challenging the status quo


  • Listening to music
  • Listening to Il Postino
  • Indie Rock n Roll
  • Listening


  • Going to a busy place, chillin’, and watching other humans be busy
  • Watching mindless reality TV

Being Creative

  • Playing guitar
  • Drawing something
  • Sketching ideas

Enjoying a Drink

  • Drink cold beer
  • A good cup of coffee

Being Calm

  • Meditating
  • Breathing deeply
  • Praying
  • Chillin’

Enjoying Kids and Pets

  • Playing with my son
  • Giggling with my daughter
  • Pet my cat

How do you pause?

 “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” Ferris Bueller


Life Lessons From Indianapolis Leaders

The Interview Issue

“Let’s be Indianapolis and be awesome at being Indianapolis.” – Denver Hutt


What I learned from the IBJ’s Interview Issue:

 Be professional, not serious.

“Take your job seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously.” Scott Newman – Former Prosecutor, Marion County

Failure is okay. In fact, embrace it.

“The idea is to learn from mistakes. How can you learn from mistakes if you focus on the negative?” Sarah Fisher – CEO, Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing

“I tend to think that if you’ve never failed, you probably also aren’t pushing yourself that hard. You’re probably not challenging the status quo.” Denver Hutt – Executive Director, The Speak Easy

We are all innovative.

“Americans are innovative. We’re going to create new businesses… The opportunities to latch on to some of this innovation are innumerable.” Richard Lugar – Former US Senator

Talk to people.

“There is still something very, very powerful in the spoken word. It’s still what initiates faith, and sustains faith, and encourages and empowers people.” Jeffrey Johnson – Senior Pastor, Eastern Star Church

Break bread with people.

“Having breakfast or coffee or a beer with that source allows you time to get to know the person a little bit before you get to the serious business.” Matt Tully – Columnist, Indianapolis Star

Be open minded.

“You ought to be able to have an ongoing dialogue with people who have different points of view than you. You ought to be able to sit down and be able to work on matters of practical significance.” Scott Pelath – Minority Leader, Indiana House of Representatives

“There is no possibility of evolution or change if people stay in their own camps and never step outside their boundaries. Change comes from interaction. When people see how our difference are fewer than the things that are same, that’s where change comes.” Michael Feinstein – Artistic Director, Center for the Performing Arts

Seek joy, not happiness.

“Happiness is all external. Joy is what you feel on the inside.” Amp Harris – Owner, Amp Harris Productions

It’s okay to enjoy cheap beer.

“I invented the Schlabst! Milwaukee’s black and tan, Schlitz on the bottom and Pabst on top.” Peter Wilt – President, Indy Eleven

My money saver of choice… High Life! Although I can’t wait to try a Schlabst.

Play is important.

“I look at my team now, and we have managers and executives from all different industries and backgrounds. It’s kickball, so it’s our break from the work week, but those relationships also allow us to talk very candidly about what we’re working on and ways that we can help each other.” Denver Hutt

Help others.

“God wants us to be concerned about other people. Jesus was always blessing other people and never looking out for himself.” Jeffrey Johnson

“No matter what I’m working on, my mission is to help.” Amp Harris


“My favorite place to go? Anywhere there’s not a phone.” Scott Newman

Integrity matters.

“Back then, we took tobacco dollars. But now we’re from the school of thought that we’re not going to put a sponsor on something just to make money. From an integrity standpoint, we won’t do it.”

“We have to keep ourselves up to speed on what youth want and what they are interested in. But if we don’t approve of the language, we’re not going to do it.” Tanya Bell – CEO, Indiana Black Expo

Drink coffee.

“Once you have caffeine in you, all things are possible.” Matt Tully

It’s up to you… to be awesome!

“It’s really up to you to decide what kind of impact you want to have on the city. You have the ability to make an impact here at any age. You have the ability to do something awesome at any age. And you have the opportunity to rally, motivate, excite, educate, collaborate – all across the board.” Denver Hutt



ExactTarget Connections Heads to NYC. They’ll Be Back.

My reactive thoughts to this morning’s announcement that ExactTarget (er, Salesforce.com) has made the decision to move their Connections conference from Indianapolis to New York City: That sucks! They’ll be back.

That Sucks

I had the opportunity to experience my first Connections this year, and I was only there for the opening day. Wow! What an amazing event for Indianapolis. This city is truly becoming one of our country’s centers of innovation and Connections reflects this. Started less than a decade ago with just a few hundred folks, Connections has grown into one of the country’s largest marketing events with 10,000 people flocking to Indy this year. Indianapolis is at the center of the digital marketing world and this event provides the cherry on top.

It sucks to be losing an event that shines such a bright spotlght on Indianapolis. Of course it is important to bring 10,000 people in that provide an estimated economic impact of $7.9 million, but it is equally important for the impression this event leaves on folks. “Wow, that happened in Indianapolis?”, “Indianapolis is a great city, I should visit here more often.”, or “Indianapolis is full of talent. I made some great connections this week.”  Also, what about the pride this event gives those that live and work here, especially the hundreds at ExactTarget and thousands more working in the same digital marketing industry. Connections gave us bragging rights.

They’ll Be Back

I hate to use Lebron James for a comparison to anything, but he was one of my first thoughts when reading the news about Connections this morning. He chased the brighter lights of Miami, had some success (arguably unfulfilling success), and is now back where it all started in Cleveland. Salesforce.com has it set in their mind that New York City has more to offer for Connections. The championship they are chasing is attendance and sponsorship dollars. Sure, the short term payoff may be there in New York, but this event has the potential to do just that in Indianapolis.

Attendance. Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis and more. I’m sure the folks at Visit Indy can rattle the numbers off the top of their heads, but all you have to do is look at a map to see how well positioned Indy is geographically to bring in attendance from a large portion of the country’s population. There’s a lot to be said for being able to hop in a car for a 4 hour or less drive than dealing with the headache of flying in for a multi-day conference.

Amenities. I spent years working event security in Indianapolis and had the opportunity to help support major events at both the convention center and professional sports venues. Visitors and event managers genuinely love Indianapolis. It costs less to visit here, it is easy to get to and most importantly, once you’re here, they love the experience downtown Indianapolis provides. In New York, the convention center is an expensive taxi ride away from the bright lights of Times Square, Central Park and other areas folks want to visit during their trip. In Indianapolis, Monument Circle, the White River Canal, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and much more are just steps outside of the convention center doors. Connections is focused on maximizing their own product and ignoring some of the amenities that adds value for the customer.

TechPoint’s IndyX initiative is embracing the fact that young professionals want to chase the bright lights of bigger markets after they graduate from Indiana’s colleges and universities. Let them go. They’ll expand their worldviews, increase their networks and learn from new environments, but… they’ll be back. As these same young professionals start getting the itch to settle down, but still want to maintain a successful tech enviroinment, TechPoint is stepping in to remind them of Indiana’s benefits.

I say the same thing about Connections. Let them go. They’ll be back. Sure, attendance may increase in New York next year, but many current attendees won’t be happy about the move. We know that Salesforce.com has already committed to maintaining a presence in Indy. ExactTarget isn’t going anywhere and the corporation wants to build their next office tower here. I think they’ll come back around to viewing Connections in the same way.

If you build it, they will come. ExactTarget continues to build Connections into a must attend event, not only for their customers, but for any marketing professional. The same success they envision in New York is absolutely attainable here in Indy. Continue growing Connections at the rate they are and the bright lights will come to Indy for it, they won’t have to take their show on the road to chase those lights. Ask Lebron James, he would probably tell you the same.



Nacho Mama!

ThinkKit 2013.13

LOL-Worthy. When did you laugh out loud this year?

yo mama ipad

One of the best parts of being a parent is getting to hear all the same jokes that I told as a kid when my own learn them at school (i.e. “spell I CUP”). Our oldest hit middle school this year, which brought with it the “Yo Mama” jokes. Most I had heard before, but this one had my wife and I rolling. Gotta love that a new generation is adapting an old joke to fit the times.

You wanna taco ’bout how funny this video is? “I’m nacho friend” and “let’s just taco ’bout it” are now official sayings in the Williams’ household. I laugh out loud just about every time. It just doesn’t get old.


Charting My Year On Instagram

ThinkKit 2013:11

Visualize your year.

pie chart


In 2013, I posted 325 photos to Instagram.  Here are the results:

  • 44 pictures of food or coffee
  • 20 pictures of beer
  • 77 pictures of kids/people
  • 34 pictures of quotes/signs
  • 10 pictures from concerts
  • 59 pictures from events/places
  • 81 pictures of Random Awesomeness


For comparison, HERE is my year on Instagram in 2012.

Football Surprise

ThinkKit 2013.099

What completely surprised you this year?


This was not a sudden surprise, but rather one that has slowly crept up on me. I am more and more surprised each weekend that I would rather do this:


Than this:

football on TV


Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy football and am still a big Colts fan. However, if I end up reading the recap in the paper on Monday instead of watching the game, that is perfectly okay by me.

New Tunes

ThinkKit 2013.08

Lifeline: What band(s) did you discover this year?



I always love a good excuse to browse through my Spotify playlists. Here are some of the bands and singers that I discovered/rediscovered over the last year. No insightful explanations, but I’ve added links to one of my favorite songs from each:

One my favorite finds of the year: Ben L’Oncle Soul’s Soulman


Stop It Elf, Just Stop It!

ThinkKit 2013.07

I want my Social Media to look Elf-The-Shelf-Less.

elf on the shelf

The only mischief this elf is causing is through social media. I’m not even sure when he started wreaking havoc in homes and Pinterest boards across the country, but have you actually read the book?

“At holiday time Santa sends me to you. I watch and report on all that you do. My job’s an assignment from Santa himself. I am his helper, a friendly scout elf.”

Hmmm? Santa’s friendly helper. Does that describe someone who makes messes in the kitchen, dumps out toy boxes or draws mustaches on the family photo.

“Each night while you’re sleeping to Santa I’ll fly to the North Pole…I laugh with my friends and report to Saint Nick…I’ll be back at your home before you awake, and then you must find the new spot I will take.”

Okay, so this little guy does in fact find a new hiding spot every night while the kids are sleeping. But, that goofy smile on his face is not from satisfaction for the trouble he’s caused. It’s from laughing with the jolly fat man himself.

“Please do not touch me. My magic might go, and Santa won’t hear all I’ve seen or I know…I won’t get to tell him you’ve said your prayers, or helped to bake cookies…The gleam in my eye and my bright little smile shows you I’m listening and noting your file.”

This elf has a gleam in his eyes from hearing your prayers. He’s smiling because you helped to bake cookies, not because he just defiled your cookies. So yes, break that elf out his retail box, give him a name and let him report to Santa how good or bad you’ve been…

…but please, stop setting up nudy photo shoots with your elf and the local Barbie Burlesque troupe. And especially stop reporting these erroneously prompted behaviors on my social media walls and boards!

elf shelf barbie



 Images by Robinwood Photography